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*Jim Ross voice*


Never in all my years of smug blogging have I seen a more imposing force enter a fracas than this Grandmama announcing her presence into a good old fashioned road rage scrum. Thanos broke more of a sweat walking through Wakanda on his way to ripping the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head and fulfilling his destiny than Grandma June did.

I don’t think stoic even begins to describe the pace and precision her steps and blows landed. Andre The Giant himself couldn’t have instilled more fear or pain onto those two poor victims as she rained fists and feet of fury upon them. You think getting your ass kicked in a road rage fight is bad? Well try getting your ass kicked in a road rage fight as the smell of old lady wafts through your nose along with hot pavement and Wal-Mart, since all five combatants were no doubt shopping at Sam Walton’s legacy before this video was taken. Confronting someone while driving in the South has been a fool’s errand forever. But when you have the Mo Rivera of donnybrooks riding in your backseat, you know that you don’t have to fear any man, woman, or child because she won’t start the fight but she will end it. And then she will ride shotty the rest of the way home because her gout is going to be BARKING the rest of the day after that beatdown.

P.S. Shout out to the camerwoman for catching all this while sitting behind the wheel, working the zoom at key moments and driving closer to the brawl once Grandma had entered the chessboard in order to get the best coverage of the fight. If the good people at DAZN don’t hire this likely Floridian or maybe Alabaman chick to work a camera at the next big prize fight, I’m sure Rough N Rowdy would love to offer her a job (I also wouldn’t mind seeing this grandma lace up the gloves at a future RNR which will no doubt be coming to her neck of the woods sometime soon. Holy shit, we are going to have a grandma RNR fight one of these days, aren’t we?).