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Feminist Video Game Critic Complains Xbox Games Don't Have Any Females, Gets Demolished On Twitter


FemFreq – Above is a tweet I made this afternoon in reaction to the fact that none of the games presented at Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 press conference featured female protagonists. Below are some of the Twitter replies to that observation which exemplify the male privilege and male entitlement endemic in the gaming community today. This is also a window into what it’s like to be a female video game critic on twitter.

Get her, gamers!! I love when my worlds collide. Usually its Barstool fighting the feminists because we’re all talking about how we love to fuck sluts and shit like that. Now my nerdy video game side can get in on this shit too. “Hey cunt video games with girls <<<<<<

Bottom line is until 30 year old single women starting forking over 50 bucks a game playing Xbox 18 hours a day, I’m pretty sure the industry is gonna cater towards men. And until video game creators make a game that focuses around complaining about work and complaining about your girlfriends, I don’t think women will be dominating the video game industry any time soon.

PS – “Damn this bitch makes my dick soft” is absolutely the runaway winner of this feminist bashfest. Thats 100% my new go-to, official response to any feminist bullshit.