Another Day, Another Completely Absurd Catch At The Cricket World Cup

As I’ve mentioned in some previous blogs, I still don’t know many of the rules to cricket. Think it’s electric but I just make up my own rules in my head as I watch along. With that being said–I need somebody to explain to me how necessary or unnecessary this play was. I guess it’s the same way that nobody has any idea what a catch is in the NFL. To me, it looked like Sheldon Cottrell had possession of the ball and took at least 2 or 3 steps before launching it back up in the air. But I don’t know what a catch is in cricket so I’m just going to assume that he needed to play the tip drill with himself here to make that catch.

In which case–it blows my mind that we aren’t more into cricket yet in America. Because when is the last time you’ve ever seen a catch like that in baseball? Not saying they don’t make some crazy plays every once in a while. But c’mon. Quit letting outfielders wear gloves and maybe I’ll start to be more impressed. Until then, CHREAM. Cricket highlights rule everything around me.