Gameday Throwback - Jim Edmonds Hits A Bomb To Walk It Off Against The Astros

There is something about the angle the ball comes off the bat in this that just makes your pants tingle. What a moment. This is the type of St. Louis clutch shit that we need tonight. Someone to step up in a moment that will be remembered forever.

There is no other way to put it: Today the Blues have a chance to earn the biggest win in franchise history and move within 1 game of a Stanley Cup. It seems so insanely surreal to say out loud. In my life between minor hockey growing up from mini-mites to college and men’s league and watching hockey every single day in between, I have watched in some manner over 10,000+ hockey games maybe? More? I don’t know, but the reality is the next 2 games for the St. Louis Blues could have the biggest impact on my and the city of St. Louis’ entire lives of any single hockey games since I’ve had a heartbeat on this Earth. Its an extraordinary situation that we’re in and will be remembered for years no matter what.

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