Theo Epstein Signs Craig Kimbrel Which Reminds Me: Fuck The Haters

Let’s fucking go one time boys. Everyone and anyone who doubted Theo – take a lap. It’s been exhausting the past 10 weeks hearing you complain that the best Ever of All Time isn’t doing his job to your standards. It’s actually Banana Land, population You and Theo Epstein just bombed you to back to the Stone Age. Fuck off.

Outside of my unrestrained aggression, I’m happy to report the cubs just landed one of the best relievers of my generation and a guy who can confidently throw scoreless 9th innings 19/20 times historically. So that’s nice.

Also nice is this gif stays in the Barstool family. Thank you Jared

Ps I’m writing this at the bar so apologies for the lack of insight and definitely formatting issues. Sorry. Not really.   if you don’t know Kimbrel is Nasty then you’re on the wrong blog. Go Cubs. Long live Theodore Nathaniel Epstein