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Props To The Raptors Fan For Waiting Outside By Himself 21 Hours Before Game 3 Just To Stand There And Watch It

Don’t get me wrong, this guy is an asshole. But, major props to him. Sitting outside by yourself 21 hours before tip only to watch it … outside. No thank you. I mean this isn’t even a home game. It’s not like you get the same thing. You’re sitting outside to stand outside to watch the game on a big screen.

Call me crazy but I don’t get the appeal of this. For a home game I can at least understand that you want to be around the arena. But, again. This game is in CALIFORNIA. Just go to a bar, man. Just have people over your house. Anything but sitting outside for 21 hours before the game.

I will say this. For some reason this picture is cracking me up

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 8.11.08 AM

He’s got his little baggie of stuff. Lacing up his sneakers, never know when a game could break out. Part of me is wondering if this is just this guy trying to get some peace and quiet away from his family. I mean that’s really the only reason to get to Jurassic Park 21 hours early. Wife driving him a bit insane. Kids crying. Let me just go outside, game 3 is about to start.

How pissed would he be if someone steals his spot once everyone is crammed in there just standing watching the game?