I'm Going To Hell But Cannot Stop Laughing At This Helicopter Rescue Basket Spinning Out With A 74 Year-Old Woman In It

From Fox 10 Phoenix:

Firefighters say a 74-year-old woman was rescued after she was injured while hiking on Piestewa Peak. This happened Tuesday morning near 24th Street and Lincoln Drive.

According to Capt. Rob McDade of the Phoenix Fire Department, “Firefighters made patient contact and decided that the best course of action was to fly the patient off the mountain.”

The airlift did not go as it was expected to — take a look at the video. During the rescue, air turbulence from the helicopter’s rotor caused a bumpy ride for the woman. She was seen on a stretcher spinning at a fast pace below the helicopter.

Obviously I hope she’s going to be alright, but if a little part of you doesn’t laugh at this just the *tiniest* bit, I’m going to say you’re dead inside.

You think you’ve been rescued when all of a sudden you’re living out the tilt-a-whirl scene from Sandlot.

If ever there was a visual of what the spinnies after that 7th shot of tequila is like, here you have it.

I haven’t felt this bad for laughing at something since the ‘Little Girl Falls Off Swing & Rolls Into Wii Bowling’ vine of ’15.