Michigan Basketball Owes A Thank You And Even A Parade To John Calipari For Helping Save The Program

Look at good guy Cal! All that talk that it’s only about him and that he’s some sleazy salesman. All false. I mean ask any player or a player’s family and they’ll tell you he’s the best damn guy in the country. Ask me and I’ll back that claim up too.

Now, ask Michigan basketball. John Calipari is out here making sure the program is succeeding after John Beilein. What does he have to gain from it? Nothing. He just loves college basketball. I mean, I’m sure he knows that he’ll be able to beat Michigan no matter what, but still. Saving Michigan’s program is something he can add to his HALL OF FAME resume.

Personally, I’d love a Michigan/Kentucky home and home. Michigan is one of those programs that might be a blue blood but probably isn’t. Those are the best kind of programs to have a home and home with if you’re Kentucky. You already have the Champion’s Classic, the CBS Sports Classic, the Big 12/SEC Challenge and Louisville every year. Toss in Michigan and you play the best schedule in the country.

Knowing Calipari like I do, he doesn’t want credit for this. That’s why I’m here. I’m here to say that Michigan fans deserve to shower him with praise and possibly a parade. Takes a big man to save another program.

Now, as for the Martelli hire? It’s fine. It all depends what he’s doing. Do I think he’s going to be some huge guy for recruiting? Absolutely not. But, he can help Howard navigate the college basketball landscape. He can provide some x’s and o’s help. It’s not a bad thing to have a guy like that on staff. But, I don’t think it’s some homerun assistant coach hire.