Russia Is Now Forcing Tinder To Hand Over User Data

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(NYP)– MOSCOW — Dating app Tinder is now required to provide user data to Russian intelligence agencies, the country’s communications regulator said Monday.

The app was included on a new list of online services operating in Russia that are required to provide user data on demand to Russian authorities, including the FSB security agency.

Russia adopted a flurry of legislation in recent years tightening control over online activity. Among other things, internet companies are required to store six months’ worth of user data and be ready to hand it over to authorities.

The communications regulator said Monday that Tinder had shared with them information about the company and that it is now on the list of online apps and websites that are expected to cooperate with the FSB.

Putin out here playing chess. After the 2016 election where Russia set up thousands of fake social media accounts to drum up controversey and spread “fake news” and general public outrage, the tech giants here have been trying to catch up and limit their influence going forward. Facebook and Twitter have taken steps to limit Russia’s influence ahead of the 2020 election. So now it appears Russia is pivoting to attack our most vulnerable, our most easily persuaded, our most gullible…the horny.

Think back in your life to a time when you were horny. Think of all the things you did and said just because you were horny. Yeah, I like cats. Yours is so cute. Or Oh yeah, I would love to see that movie starring Katherine Heigl with you. Or I agree, that website is disgusting and mysoginist. Guys will do or say anything when they’re horny. And now Russia will be praying on that. I don’t know how many guys are on tinder, but what if it is a 10 million? What if 2,000,000 of them are extremely horny? What if they think this totally cool girl in their geographic area might fuck them if they mirror their political opinions? What if they say it so much that they too begin to believe it? That’s enough to swing an election. Scary times. Be careful out there, everyone.

PS: Russia is getting 6 months of data from tinder….how many dick pics are on there? An estimated 57 million worldwide users according to BBC, large percentage of guys are disgusting, that percentage matches with multiple women

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I’m putting it at 300,000 dicks.