A Seventh League (7th!) Spanish Soccer Team Won The League And Got Surprised With A Stripper In The Locker Room ... Along With Their Moms

[Source] - Seventh-division Spanish soccer celebrations are just as odd as you might think.

After winning on Saturday to earn promotion to the sixth tier of Spanish soccer, Esportiu Llanca decided to celebrate with a stripper in the locker room. Judging by the video, in which the team seems more embarrassed than anything, nobody ran the idea by the players first.

Indeed, according to Diari de Girona, a local paper, some of their mothers were in the locker room at the time.

The celebration was organized by Francesc Romero, the club’s secretary, who said not only were the players unaware, but nobody knew of his plan.

What a move by the secretary here. I mean I applaud the initiative. How’s he supposed to know that the players moms were going to be in the locker room? Here he is just trying to help the team celebrate its promotion.

However, what an image this is. Could you think of anything more awkward? I mean take those sex scenes in a movie that you have to sit through with your parents and now multiply it. Hell, it’s not even the dads in the locker room. You have to sit there and watch a stripper with your mom. That’s how you ruin a celebration.

I can’t imagine being a player here. You are coming off the high of winning the league. You’re celebrating with your team. Your mom surprises you. Hugs all around. Then a Catwoman stripper comes in. Of all things, she’s dressed like Catwoman? That should have been sign 1 to run towards the back and try to block what’s going on.

Low key the funniest part is that the secretary had to apologize to the TOWN. Not just the team or owner or anything. He has to apologize to the entire town that he embarrassed them. European soccer is nothing to be fucked with.