Ron Darling Says His Thyroid Cancer Has Been Stabilized And He Will Return To SNY's Booth Tomorrow Night


LETS FUCKING DO THIS RJ! I imagine most Mets fans were feeling a pretty potent mix of anger, exhaustion, and dejection after that West coast trip from hell. But it’s impossible not to be in a good mood after hearing Ron Darling’s body is fighting the good fight against cancer and will return to the booth tomorrow night.

I know it sounds silly to say, but I am throwing out the last two months of Mets baseball and smashing the Reset button in my brain with the team now that Ron’s back in the mix. You can’t just have the best announcing booth in baseball lose 1/3 of its voices (with Keith getting the reps of a utility player) and expect everything to go smoothly. Gary, Keith, and Ron are about as good a thing the Mets franchise has right now, including Pete Alonso and Jacob deGrom. That crew breaking up as Todd Zeile struggled to resonate with the fanbase because he was asked to impossibly fill enormous shoes on the fly in a profession that requires chemistry was clearly going to lead to problems. But none of that matters now that SNY’s Big Three will be back operating at full strength calling tomorrow’s game against Conor Gillaspie and the Giants. JK, that scrub is no longer a Major Leaguer.

Anyway, here’s to Ron getting fully healthy over the coming months, preferably along with the Mets season. #FuckCancer