These Are The Slickest Slinky Skills You'll Ever See In Your Life

Holy fuck. Talk about a panty dropping performance. Your dumbass 8-year-old self thought you were hot shit because you could get the slinky to go down a flight of 10 stairs. These dudes are out here practically making love to this slinky. They have that thing DANCING.

When your entire job is to just look at shit on the internet all day, there comes a time when very few things impress you anymore. You feel like you’ve seen everything by now. But this? This right here? Pure magic. This is what greatness looks like. I have to imagine there are only 2 people in the world who are able to slink a slinky like that, and we’re watching them right now. So sit back, relax, and just appreciate it in all of its glory.

And to think it all started off with this nonsense.

Those kids just got dunked on. I hope they’re all still alive today to witness it.