I Could Listen to Belichick Talk Lacrosse All Day

The occasions where you get to see that spark of joy in Bill Belichick’s deep, soulful eyes are few and far between. After he wins a championship. Reminiscing about one of his great former players. Answering a question from me:

And, it should come as no surprise, when waxing poetic about the game of lacrosse. When it comes to this beautiful game, he might as well be Thoreau talking about Walden Pond. He’s C.S. Lewis discussing Jesus. Hemingway writing about fishing. Sir Mix-a-Lot describing big, beautiful women’s backsides. Lacrosse is his passion. But it’s also his sanctuary. The place where he can be a genius without having to do anything but enjoy himself, without the weight of the universe on his very capable shoulders.

As far as his little Lax Fantasy League exercise of putting different Patriots on the lacrosse field and what positions he’d have them play, far be it for me to add to his list. Nice dig at Brady’s speed and putting him in goal. Devin McCourty is sneaky the best athlete on the Patriots and he and Pat Chung would be great.

But based on my limited knowledge from watching one of my sons play through high school, there’s nobody I’d put ahead of Matthew Slater. Not even Randy Moss because Moss would take plays off when he wasn’t involved in running a route. Slater is fast. Tough. Virtually unblockable even fighting through double teams on every single punt coverage of his career. Put a stick in his hands and he’d be unstoppable. On second thought, don’t. I’m happy with lax as an increasingly popular niche sport, but I want our best players right where they are, winning rings for Belichick.