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After 733 Days, Intern Jack Mac Has Been Cancelled

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May 31st, 2017 was my first day at Barstool Sports as an intern. If I remember correctly, the drama in the office surrounded the Chippewas not showing up to a game against the Purple Starfish. Within my first 10 minutes at Barstool, I saw our past friend from Texas throw a donut at Nate and charge at YP’s camera. It was quite the start and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Yesterday was June 2nd, 2019. So, if you do a little math, that’s 733 days as an intern. Kind of a long time.

Throughout those two years, once in awhile the top comment on one of my blogs would be “how are you still a fucking intern?” or “are you going to be an intern forever?” Those always made me laugh as did the “that attitude won’t get you hired full time:”

Stoolies are pretty great. I was never that great at sports, but I always loved being a part of a team. Nothing like getting chirped by your teammates. I kind of view Stoolies that way. Even when they say something “insulting” to me, I view it as a chirp coming from a teammate.

I think a pretty funny storyline would’ve been me as an intern forever. Just me as a 37-year-old intern. However, that’s not going to happen.

Two weekends ago, I graduated from Fordham, which is cool. Today, I start fulltime at Barstool, which is very exciting. I loved my time as Intern Jack Mac, but it’s time to retire the Intern handle. I have no idea if that’s possible on our website/will probably take until July to get it done, but I am officially rebranding to just Jack Mac. As the kids say, Intern Jack Mac is officially cancelled. That’s possible thanks to everyone at Barstool. Obviously, I can point to Gaz, who brought me in and has kept me here. I can also point to Kmarko for allowing me to blog. Of course, there’s Dave, who created the whole thing. Then there’s Erika. Tommy Smokes as well, who was my first friend at Barstool. I could go on and on, because the one thing I’ve realized about Barstool is how important everyone is to this thing. It’s kind of like a football team. All 11 players have to be doing their own job and if one fucks up, there’s a chance everything falls apart.

The biggest part of the equation is the Stoolies, though. So, thanks for always reading my blogs. I’ll be continuing to churn out blogs, as well as contributing to the social media team. I love Barstool and truly believe in it. As sappy as it sounds, I am grateful to be a part of something as cool as this thing of ours.

So, my watch as one of the longest interns in Barstool history had ended. Hopefully, I brought you a little bit of joy throughout these 733 days. At the least, I hope to serve as an inspirational story for the Butch Jones of the world. The long-tenured interns who love their job, but hope to make it to the big leagues aka full time.

Keep moving forward, Butch. By my count, you’ve only been an intern for 440 days. I remember when I was that young. Now go get Saban a coffee or clean his car for him one more time: