DeMarcus Cousins Tearing Up Talking About Just Being Able To Play In The NBA Finals Is Some Emotional Shit

Man, I love DeMarcus Cousins. I’ve loved him since 2009 when he decided to follow John Calipari from Memphis to Kentucky. I loved him even more when he first trolled Mississippi State fans who had his phone number and told them to call him.


Loved him a bit more in the SEC title game when he hit the bucket at the buzzer and celebrated like a little kid

So that’s why I’m all in on DeMarcus Cousins and find myself cheering for the Warriors when he’s in the game. I want him to get a ring. I want him to play well like he did in Game 2. It’s all part as to why he’s emotional during a post game press conference.

He was dealt some bad luck with the nasty injury last year with the Pelicans. What sucks he was hurt hustling. Something people want to knock him for, for whatever reason. The dude always goes out and plays his ass off. It’s how he hurt his quad earlier in the playoffs too.

It’s like he told The Athletic:

“He texted me after Game 1,” Draymond Green told The Athletic late Sunday. “He said, ‘Yo, I’ve been waiting on this moment. I’m ready for the moment. You gotta trust me.’ Well, Coach showed he trusted him and we all trusted him and he played big for us.”

So him playing well, while getting the start in the NBA Finals is obviously huge for him. And you know what? I hope he cries. I hope he cries his eyes out. Boogie gets a bit of a bad rep from fans who just remember him struggling in Sacramento.

And the best part of Boogie? In the airport he mocks his teammate by getting into a wheelchair. Dude is the best

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