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Ho Hum, White Sox Super Prospect Luis Robert Hit A Ball To Mars Last Night

Absolutely effortless power.  This 453 blast is about the 30th farthest hit ball in baseball this year, per Baseball Savant.  This dude is a freak of Goddamn nature.  It’s been mentioned before, but the AA Southern League is a notoriously bad league for hitters.  Think of the HiA California league where it’s a hitters paradise with most of their teams being located in the mountains and/or desert and the ball flies off the bat.  The Southern League is just like that, except the opposite.  It’s where hitters go to die.  It’s the ultimate measuring stick to how good a hitter truly is, and Luis Robert is dominating it:

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 10.55.41 AM

and for the second straight month, he was named the White Sox MiLB Player of the Month

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 10.56.35 AM

He’s so hot that people are clamoring for him to get called up right now.  Right now as in after 120 AA plate appearances and none of them in AAA.  Should he take the Juan Soto path and go from HiA to MLB in one season?  In my opinion, no.  And Rick Hahn has said over and over again the organization will not make decisions that could impede individual development just to chase a 2nd Wild Card.  Right now, I agree with this method.  Swing and miss issues are still there and he’s not walking a ton. But if we’re talking in July he’s still lighting the world on fire with massive power outputs, and he gets moved to Charlotte where he’ll piss all over anything, then we might have an interesting problem on our hands.

Pretty fun problem to have.  He’ll be starting in CF by mid-April 2020 at worst and that’s fine.  Eloy, Moncada, Abreu (I’d bet he gets extended), TA7, Madrigal, whoever they draft tonight and free agent additions will all compose a playoff lineup.

The tough years are behind us.  CRAZY exciting times ahead for the White Sox, and that’s before I even went on to talk about a Giolito, Kopech, Cease, ++ rotation that will be here next.  Pray for the goddamn league