The Hornets Are So Desperate To Keep Kemba Walker, They Had Players Set Up A Lemonade Stand To Raise Money To Pay Him

I actually don’t hate this move. Well, let me correct that. I don’t hate that move if Cody Zeller actually keeps the lemonade stand up until Kemba Walker makes a decision in free agency. I also don’t hate this move if the Knicks don’t need to sign him. So outside of that, I like this move.

It is kind of hilarious that Cody Zeller is the one out here doing the lemonade stand. Wonder if he paid for that Kemba jersey too. He couldn’t recruit any teammates to help out? Where’s our guy Frank? Where’s Malik Monk?

Now the whole joke here is that the Hornets can give Kemba the supermax since he made 3rd team All-NBA this season. That means he can make $220 million over 5 years. Obviously he wants that from the Hornets even though the supermax rarely works out. It’s a chance to reward a player, but he’s also 29 and locking him up for $220 million is a ton of money.

I’m actually now craving some lemonade. Delicious on a warm summer day. I need some kid in my neighborhood to set up a lemonade stand now. Been way too long since I’ve seen one of them.