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"See You In The Bay, Aubrey" - Klay And KD Could Not WAIT To Chirp Drake After Tonight's Game

I’ll get to the shit talking in a second here, but am I crazy or did Klay say, “You’re lucky I popped my MCL” in this video??? It sounded like he absolutely said that. And knowing Klay’s general disposition of being high as hell at all hours of all days it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he let that slip in front of a reporter with a phone out very clearly recording. Now, he’s already said he doesn’t see himself missing Game 3, but a hobbled Klay would certainly fuck up what the Warriors need moving forward. Which is buckets in abundance like he poured on tonight before he left the game.

Now, for the rest of the video. Drake had this shit coming. Kevin Durant hasn’t played since ‘Nam, he’s been waiting to mix it up with someone face to face for a minute. He was leering around the corner like he had a package about to be delivered. And Klay chiming in with “You wasn’t talking tonight were you? Bum ass. That was light work, too.” is simply delicious. Drake faced the 76ers and won, faced Giannis and took him down, and after Game 1 was on cloud nine.

Now he’s got his back up against his wall, the Warriors stole home court advantage and he’ll have to bounce back against his toughest challenge yet. Bigger than Pusha T, bigger than Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, bigger than God himself. That’s right, you know who I’m talking about…