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'See You In The Bay, Aubrey. You Weren't Talking Tonight, Bum Ass' - Klay Thompson, To Aubrey Graham (Err, Drake)

I don’t know what’s more disrespectful here; Klay Thompson calling Drake, Aubrey or bum ass. I think it’s Aubrey. That’s like when your mom goes middle name on you or full name if you go by a nickname. You just know shit is going down. That’s how I feel when I hear Klay dropping the Aubrey.

Throw in the fact that Klay was hurt and missed the end of the game you know there’s probably even more anger in this. I said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again during these Finals. Drake being a storyline is entertaining as hell. We’re 2 for 2 in games ending with Warriors and Drake chirping. Give me that.

All I know is I need the Warriors to dress up and troll Drake at home now

See you in the Bay, Aubrey. What a goddamn line.