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Hank Haney Is Taking A Victory Lap And Doubling Down On His Comments After Jeongeun Lee6 Won The US Women's Open

Let’s rewind this a bit and get the whole story for those of you who missed it

Last week famous swing coach Hank Haney was on his SIRIUS XM radio show and made some controversial comments about women’s golf

On Wednesday, the day before the start of the United States Women’s Open in Charleston, S.C., Haney predicted during his show that “a Korean” would win and said that he couldn’t name six players on the tour but that he would get “a bunch of them right” if he guessed “Lee” and didn’t have to produce any first names.

The entire world flipped out and called Haney racist and sexist for his comments which resulted in Haney being suspended from his radio show.

So basically Haney said some things that people didn’t like about women’s professional golf, people were pissed about it, those people voiced their displeasure on social media and in turn he was suspended from his national radio shot. So that’s that, right? End of story?

Nope. Not the end of the story at all. Not since Jeongeun Lee6* won the US Women’s Open today and reignited the whole thing again.

Haney took to Twitter to double down on his Lee comments

It’s actually an incredible thing to watch unfold. People FREAKED OUT on Haney for predicting that a Korean with the last name Lee would win the US Women’s Open because they thought it was racist…………and then a Korean named Lee won the US Women’s Open. Now Haney is on Twitter taking a victory lap for his spot-on prediction that landed him in hot water. Opinions about how you personally feel about the things he said aside, that’s a pretty incredible series of events. Or not really if you’re Hank Haney because he called it.

So is it racist to predict that a Korean with the last name Lee is going to win the US Women’s Open when the sport is dominated by Koreans with the last name Lee and then a Korean with the last name Lee in fact does win the US Women’s Open? Kinda feels like it isn’t. I understand that Haney could’ve phrased his comments better, and he has admitted as such, but the fact of the matter is that he fucking nailed that prediction with the information he knows about the LPGA.

In case you’re wondering why her name is Jeongeun Lee6, this is why

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 8.29.29 PM