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Reader Email - Lawrence Academy Stoolie Makes Emotional Dunk


Reader Email

Hey whoever reads the, my name is Joey Mullaney a senior from Lawrence Academy. Recently, in our basketball’s senior game, i was able to play. THIS IS THE VIDEO. I’ve never been able to play in high school because i suffer from a neurological disorder called Freidreich’s Ataxia. And i was grateful to play alongside my twin Sean, number 10 in the video, and all my teammates. I email you hoping one of my favorite websites can help spread this video. I would be so happy if you can help this video get views. Also, i consider myself a big stoolie! Viva La Stool

-Joey Mullaney


Well this is a no brainer.  Here you go bro.  Keep fighting the good fight.  And yes I saw you kind of showboating it up there with the pull up.   Kind of lucky the ref didn’t tee you up for hanging on the rim.  Either way keep up the good fight.