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Chicago Still A Top 5 Hockey City In The World, I Guess

john mcdonough

(CBS Chicago)–A finance website ranked the top cities for hockey fans and Chicago was among the top five.

Chicago was ranked 4th on WalletHub’s 2019’s Best Cities For Hockey Fans and came out behind Pittsburgh, Detroit and the top-ranked city of Boston. New York City came in 5th place among the hockey cities

WalletHub ranked 73 U.S. cities based on indicators including ticket prices, stadium capacity and performance level of each city’s teams. Fan engagement and college-hockey fan engagement were also ranked as part of the research

A top 5 hockey market for fans? Ummm what? I don’t know why, but this is the type of thing that gets me EXTREMELY triggered. Like what are we talking about? The new scoreboard? The Chicago Fucking Wolves? The only thing that matters in Chicago is if the Hawks win because you know what…when they don’t win people don’t pay attention. As in…the TV ratings are down 50%. HALF of the audience is gone.

So yeah pretty sure that it’s not a top 5 market right now and people need to stop saying that it is or that I should be thankful for what happened 5 years ago. It happens on social media every day. Like this fucking guy

Counter argument: why don’t you shut the hell up? I loved winning three Cups. Best years of my sports fan life. Does that make it acceptable to have zero playoff series wins in the last four years? Absolutely fucking not. It is totally acceptable to be upset with the state of the organization and the hockey in this city. I mean for fuck sakes, our only opportunity for a watch party in the last calendar year has been centered around the draft and a game in March. MARCH. The diehard fans are starving to be excited for a big game. For that playoff atmosphere. So thirsty for it that they’ll show up in droves to watch the Hawks lose to the Avs. So don’t tell me things are fine and that it’s great to be a Chicago hockey fan right now.

Having said that…it’s exactly six years since being a Hawks fan was the sweetest thing on Earth