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Geologists Say They Found Alien Mermaids In The Depths Of The Ocean

When that Zack Galifinakis looking motherfucker asks them to roll the tape a second time and then profoundly announces “You got it” I fucking lost it. And the other scientist trying to be all humble about it. You guys are fucking mermaid hunters. Get over yourselves.

But, the film don’t lie. That is straight up a mermaid alien. A Malien. Discovery Channel is catching all sorts of heat for this. People are saying their credibility is ruined by airing this and that its all a hoax and what not. But I, for one, am a believer. Because I can’t live in a world where grown men would stage a mermaid sighting. I’d rather live in a world where mermaid aliens are living in the depths of the ocean before I live in a world where there are assholes big enough to fake this whole thing.