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This Video Of A Woman Falling Off A Cliff Deserves An Oscar

(the original, longer video was taken down by the guy who posted it. So here’s KenJac’s abridged version of just the fall with an explosion edited in. Enjoy.)

You’ll never see a better drama. No one working in Hollywood, dead or alive, could build suspense and then have a better twist than our visionary here. I mean reading this tweet and then watching the first half of this video I thought this woman was picked up by a bird of prey and dropped from hundreds of feet above the surface of the Earth, hurdling toward the ground at terminal velocity.

But I should have known that was not the case considering this video came across my desk in the form of a quote tweet with the commentary attached, and I quote, “LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

I know there are some heathens out there who would thoroughly enjoy watching the hypothetical video I described above. But the real world version of “woman awkwardly tumbles down hill, receives multiple lacerations and bruises” wasn’t quite as harrowing as the setup led me to believe. Yeah that shit looked painful. The water damage her hat sustained is likely irreversible. Which is the true travesty here because that looks like a mighty fine hat. But as far as the acting, directing, and overall cinematography of this short film I hope it wins the $10,000 and takes home every Academy Award available next year. Easily the wildest emotional rollercoaster I’ve ever been on in all my days of internetting.