Your Mid-Week Eagles Fix With All The Birds Material You Can Eat


Time to get back on the right track.

Josh Huff opens up on why he won’t shut the fuck up.

Jordan Matthews is only the 2nd rookie WR for the Eagles to go for 100 in back to back games (with D-Jax, because of course).
Turnstile Matt Tobin suffered a concussion vs. Green Bay. Hopefully replacement Andrew Gardner won’t be made of paper mache, too.
Remember that game 2048 you played for about 45 minutes straight one day before saying fuck it and erasing all traces from your memory? Somebody made an Eagles version of the game. Play it here.
Billy Davis considered benching Bradley Fletcher on Sunday. RELATED: Bradley Fletcher’s post game conference:

Nick Foles is back!!!!….Kind of. Well, he’s actually dressed but doing nothing. Hey, at least he’s a team player.


And that’s all she wrote. Surprisingly there’s not a lot to eat after a blowout loss. The Titans, like any team in the NFL, shouldn’t be taken lightly. Let’s demolish and move on. Go Birds.