Soooo Apparently Led Zeppelin Drummer John Bonham Was Reincarnated As This Little Girl

This little girl can absolutely shred!!!  She’s obviously John Bonham in an Arya Stark mask or some shit, no other explanation.

That said… I think I have no choice but to hate her?  I mean I wake up every single day wondering why I wasn’t blessed with at least *some* talent.  Like literally anything on earth.  But nope.  I can’t even talk and chew gum at the same time.  I mean yeah I’m a world class speed pitch thrower but that doesn’t pay the bills or get anyone laid.  Give me an instrumental talent or some pipes that would make Adele blush or something.

Anyways enough about me.  It’s Memorial Day Weekend.  This is the official, official start to Summertime Chi, aka the best 3 months of the world and on the planet.  Whether you’re sitting on a boat, or pounding brews on a patio/rooftop or hitting a tailgate, Led Zeppelin is perfect summertime music.  So even though I hate her, she’s inspired me to jam out to them all weekend.

See everyone Tuesday, aka the worst day on the entire work calendar