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Giroux Misses Practice Today With An Apparent "Ankle" Injury


Last night…

Fast Foward to today at practice…

Alright so obviously something is going on with Captain Claude’s lower-body right now. He missed last night’s little meet and greet for Flyers season ticket holders at the WFC (where MDZ wasn’t very appreciative of fans asking about Lisa Ann) to meet with a team doctor. Apparently the reason was to just get cleared. People said he looked fine on the ice at practice yesterday and everyone was super confused when they found out he needed to get checked on. So the Flyers said that Giroux was fine and that the trip he paid to the doctors was nothing to worry about. But then Giroux didn’t show up to practice today and all of a sudden the entire city is holding its breath. It all really started with’s Flyers beat reporter Randy Miller. Now personally, I find Randy to be a bit of a hack but that’s neither here nor there. But you can read his full article here that says an “anonymous source” claims that Giroux has a lower-body injury that Hextall and the Flyers are trying to sweep under the rug. Randy probably thinks he has his big Watergate moment here. But anyway, something is up with Giroux and Hextall will be making a statement or at least giving us an update on the situation soon.

Chances are that something felt tight and instead of taking any chances the team made him get checked out by the doctors just to be on the safe side. If you remember, Giroux was out much of preseason with a lower-body injury and it makes sense that the Flyers would take ever precaution necessary to make sure he doesn’t go out and do any more damage to his existing injury. It’s still up in the air right now if he’ll be playing tomorrow night against the Rangers but I hope to god that he does. I guess it’s pretty much 50/50 at this point. But if he’s no good to go, expect to see Umberger on the top line with Pork Chops Voracek and Young Brayden. Yuck.