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Mets Go For The Sweep Tonight

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Yes, I know the Mets suck. I know they aren’t making the playoffs. How do Yankees fans think this is a good argument to be making right now? You’re about to be swept by the aforementioned shitty team who’s not making the playoffs. Thats even worse you fucking idiots. This team will be lucky to crack 70 wins and this week they have bent the Yankees over and fucked them without a condom. Straight raw dogged them. Out-pitched them, out-slugged them, out-dueled them. Even beat the Great Rivera. Basically the Mets did what the rest of the league hasn’t been able to do, and thats treat the Yankees like the bunch of old, injured banged up nobodies that they are right now.

So yes, this series means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Yes, come July the Mets will be mathematically eliminated. But for this week they absolutely made the Yankees their bitch. Facts are facts.