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Minor League Hockey Squad Brilliantly Sports Puffy Shirt Jerseys With Seinfeld Nicknames On Back


This is how you put your ECHL team on the map without having to use violence or talent. I couldn’t tell you where the Bakersfield Condors played before today. And you know what? I still couldn’t. But it’s still a great effort as the magic is in the details. The ice reporter gal perfecting The Low Talker. Kramer shouting racist remarks from the rafters. Mickey Abbot, Lloyd Braun, David Puddy. They’re real and they’re spectacular. Plus it’s a power play putting The Wiz in goal. Nobody beats The Wiz. NOBODY! Well, except Idaho in OT. But other than that, NOBODY. The only better move would be putting the Mandelbomb family out on the ice. There would be no survivors.

In two months time all the NHL teams are going to be wearing the pirate look. Look at it. Is it cool or what?