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Shirtless Dude Using the 7 Train Escalator As A Stairmaster


I can’t stand it when people stand still on the left side of the escalator and won’t move to the right for people who wanna walk faster. Forget about some shirtless Mexican dude who’s going the wrong fucking direction all together. Deciding to use one of the busiest escalators in Manhattan as his personal Stairmaster. Its almost such a disrespectful move that I love it. Blatant disregard of hundreds upon hundreds of people.

I don’t know why I am assuming he’s Mexican, either. Asians, while the most rude subway riders out there, would never have the balls to pull off a stunt like this. They will just continually barrel onto a train before letting anyone off and they will always violate personal space basic, but this is too over the top for even them. The no-shirt move just makes me think of a Mexican dude. I also think I’ve got Mexicans on the Mind after that story about the dude driving drunk having sex. But I still think I’m right. I can’t explain it but I think I am.