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This Video With One Second From Every Game Of Thrones Episode May Be The Greatest Video Ever Created

Now that the fires on the internet caused by the million of hot takes from the last episode/season of Thrones have been reduced to merely a smolder, I think it’s time to officially move on and appreciate the show that was so good it caused all that conversation, conflict, and to be honest outright anger over the ending. Because no matter what you thought about the last season or so of Thrones, I think any fan of the show can agree that it’s going to hurt once we realize it’s gone for good. And that video hammered that point home with the strength and precision that a sober, slim Robert Baratheon did to Rhaegar Targaryen’s chest once upon a time. I don’t know if any highlight reel I have ever seen was as densely packed with A+++ highlights as this one was and all it had was ONE second from all 73 episodes. Oh yeah and maybe the greatest theme song in television history, can’t forget that. The scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor could probably be the 2nd greatest video in internet history behind only this video and the ones that were still on the cutting room floor could probably make a Top 10 video as well.

Sure part of me misses the days where the story was a slow boil that resulted in explosive moments like The Red Wedding, The Purple Wedding, Oberyn’s head popping like a grape, and the Viserion rising from the dead like The Undertaker that had fans sucking Benioss & Weiss’ proverbial dicks instead of the sped up version of the show from the last two seasons that had everybody going at each others throats.

Obligatory gif of Walder Frey getting his neck slit quick and winter coming for House Frey because fuck him and his dead ass family:

But that’s not how the show ended, which is how life goes. It’s still an all-time incredible show, no matter if you loved the last season or not. As a wise man once said, you gotta stop talking about it. It’s like The Sopranos. It’s over. Find a new show. Or watch the old show again because even though I rewatched one episode a night every night for 67 straight nights leading up to Season 8’s premiere, I still forgot how fucking incredible the biggest moments in that show were and the collective circle jerk it caused for a week leading until the next episode as well as the seemingly endless waits between seasons. Damn I’m gonna miss it.

If you are looking for a little more awesome Thrones content that doubles as a trip down memory lane, check out the site called Beautiful Death that did one artistic image for each death in the show.