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NOPE: Huge Hammerhead Bumps Into And Follows Kayak For 2 Miles Off Florida Coast

YouTube – Huge Hammerhead shark follows us for 2 miles off the coast of South Florida continuously bumping our kayaks.

Yeah…that’s some scary shit. Yet another reason why Florida can’t have nice things. On land you have your drunken rednecks standing their ground, Burmese Pythons devouring house pets and old Jews beating your ear off about how the early-bird special is too late in the day. Try to escape into the water for a relaxing kayak ride and what do you get? Sharks that’ll swallow you whole threatening to ruin your life. I simply don’t understand how they stayed afloat. I kayaked once on a calm lake and flipped my shit over no less than a million times. When my fat ass leaned ever so slightly it was a one-way ticket on the Spaz Express to Tippecanoe. These guys are getting bumped by a man eater in the ocean current and they’re still able to calmly take GoPro footage worthy of Planet Earth. Touche.