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Ezekiel Elliot Handcuffed After Knocking Down A Security Guard At EDC

TMZ - Ezekiel Elliott was handcuffed at the EDC music festival in Las Vegas over the weekend after he shoved a security guard to the ground and TMZ Sports has the video.

… but the NFL star’s attorney says Zeke was NOT formally arrested (only detained) and claims the whole thing is much ado about nothing.

Here’s the deal … the Dallas Cowboys superstar running back had been spotted in the parking lot at the Electric Daisy Carnival around 3 AM on Saturday morning arguing with his girlfriend.

Zeke never puts his hands on the woman but he uses his body to block her from walking away several times during the argument.

Zeke gets in the staffer’s face and uses his body to shove the guy backward until the staffer hits a metal gate — that’s when Zeke uses his forearm to shove the guy to the ground.

Zeke immediately throws his hands up and says, “I didn’t do anything!”


I want so bad to be like “THROW HIM IN JAIL! THROW AWAY THE KEY! HE’S A MENACE TO SOCIETY!!!!” But I’m a fair and balanced and that video is a joke. He’s just a drunk dude. Super, super drunk dude. And I in good conscious, I cannot say a minor shove should result in anyone getting tossed in jail. Because the second we start handcuffing everyone who gets a little bit mad and gets in someone’s face when drunk, the world will run out of handcuffs. What happened here is Zeke is a big boy (and we know he’s extra big right now) and that security guard fell over the railing. Zeke immediately put his hands up like “oh come on, really dude?”.

So no, I don’t want him in jail. I need Zeke continuing to drink, party, and cause scenes. The more he’s boozing, the better for me. I just lost my middle linebacker on the 3rd freaking snap of a May 20th OTA, the more Zeke is out at 3am in Vegas, the better. Shame on them for even slapping the cuffs on him. Give him another beer and another molly instead.