This Little 10-Year-Old Skateboarder Is The Next Rodney Mullen, Might Even Be His Son

10-years-old. Most kids can barely even walk the right way at 10-years-old, and here’s this kid just performing some wizardry on a skateboard at 10. You ever talk to a 10-year-old before? They’re not real human beings. They’re these tiny little creatures that look like humans, but their brains just aren’t even close to being human yet. Which is the craziest part of this whole run here–because not only do you need to possess the skill to pull all of these moves off, but your brain also needs to function at a high enough level to string all of those moves together like that. That’s some shit you can’t even pull off in a video game unless you turn on the perfect balance cheat.

All I’m saying is that when you think of the legends of street and freestyle skating, Rodney Mullen is all the way up there at the top.

And now here’s a 4th grader who looks like he could keep up trick for trick. All I’m saying is that I think a DNA test is in store here. Because there’s gotta be some sort of connection.