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A Study Said 11 Million People Are Expected To Skip Work Tomorrow Because Of Tonight's Game Of Thrones Finale. Wait, What?!?


People- With the highly-anticipated series finale of Game of Thrones just days away, fans have already started mourning the end of the hit HBO show — and according to a new survey, that mourning period might last longer than just Sunday night.

A new poll by the Workforce Institute at Kronos predicts an estimated 10.7 million American will skip work the morning after the GoT finale. According to the study, most viewers will either call in sick or use a last-minute vacation day. For those who do make it into the office, the poll suggests employees who watched the finale will arrive late, work remotely or be less productive than usual overall.

Shout out to the people at Kronos for whipping up a completely outrageous number for how many people will be playing hooky from work tomorrow because a TV show ended and making this blog possible.

I know a ton of people take off the day after the Super Bowl to the point Americans have pretty much started treating the day after as an unofficial holiday and the Game of Thrones finale is the closest thing we have to a Super Bowl for TV shows. But the Super Bowl is as much if not more about the Super Bowl parties as well as reckless eating/drinking/gambling as it is about the “Big Game” (suck my dick for making us use that prhase, Goodell). It’s gotten to the point where most offices expect a skeleton crew on that Monday with even those skeletons nursing a serious hangover following one of the biggest party days of the year as well as the emotional goodbye to meaningful football games for 7 months.

Game of Thrones is a different beast, however. There probably would have been a national day of mourning for the show if this season was better and didn’t inspire a million people to sign a petition asking the creators to redo Season 8. But unfortunately a shitload of people hated this season because it has been in fast forward ever since Benioff and Weiss smashed the Wrap It Up button for the biggest TV show in the universe. Sure there will be the losers like yours truly that use a TV show as an excuse to throw a party so you can serve food with clever puns.

But most normal people will watch the finale relatively sober, get #mad online about it and/or get #mad online about the people getting #mad online about it then actually welcome the idea of going to work the next day so they can discuss what happened around the water cooler with Jan from accounting and Darren Rovell. It doesn’t matter if George RR Martin’s sick mind came up with an especially twisted ending that has us all feeling like another Red Wedding just unfolded or Benioff & Weiss spend the last 5 minutes of the series wiping their asses with that petition. You should still be able to get 6 hours of shut eye after your adrenaline from the finale wears off in order to head into work instead of burning a vacation day a week before Memorial Day Weekend unofficially begins summer. Unless you are one of the people that is still 1000000% emotionally invested in the show and has not scaled back your expectations even a little bit after the last five episodes. If that’s the case, God bless you and enjoy your sick day tomorrow.

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