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Tyreke Evans Just Got His Ass Banned From The NBA For Two Years

Indiana Pacers v Denver Nuggets

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Yiiiiiiiikes Tyreke Evans. This wasn’t a situation where Evans got himself suspended, his ass just got straight up BANNED from the NBA. He’s eligible for reinstatement in 2 years when he’ll be 31, and seeing as how he’s a free agent this summer that’s a tough break. After already putting up a rather disappointing season for the Pacers this isn’t exactly the best look. You may remember he had a great last year with the Grizzlies and was supposed to be a nice free agent signing for IND only he ended up putting up just 10/2.9/2.4 on 38/35% splits. His value had already tanked heading into this summer and this news certainly doesn’t help.

My question is, what did he get busted for? It’s not like this was a PED issue, and I’m not sure he’s a repeat offender from what I could find so it has to be something super serious. It’s not everyday you see the NBA straight up ban players. Sadly it doesn’t seem like we’ll ever know what caused this unless someone goes rogue and spill the goods.

Crazy to think heading into last season many thought he was going to get a big time offer, had to settle on a 1 year deal with the Pacers and now he’s out of the league. Who is even going to be interested in a 31 year old Evans when he comes back? Probably the Lakers because they’ll still be looking for people willing to play with LeBron, but I have to imagine this is a big time hit to his NBA career.

If I could guess what his conversation looks like with his agent right now, it’s probably something like this