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Rick Ross Throwing Burgers Into A Crowd Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Big time players make big time plays in big time games. Kings do King things. Winners win and Losers lose. If this was a multiple choice question I’d write in my own answer with “all of the above”. He just stepped up to the plate in the World Series and hit a 600 feet Grand Slam.

Rick Ross is an absolute staple in the unit community. A Living Legend. His Snapchat handle being “FerrariFatBoy” is so poetic and exquisite and remarkable in every fathomable way it could make me shed a tear. He owns numerous Checkers/Rally’s franchises and what does he do with it? The move that any genius would make. He goes to a location that he does NOT own, gets a bunch of free burgers from them and gives them out to the people. That way he doesn’t take any money out of his own pockets while still giving back to the community. Talk about a true Renaissance man. The Boss simply just gets it. Not to mention he raps his ass off.

Throwing burgers in the crowd is an all-time move. Koozies and T-shirts are cool but a fucking cheeseburger?! I may not be the biggest koozie guy in the world and the T-shirt’s they give out probably won’t fit me but it’s still a 100% no-brainer. Give me that god damn cheese burger every single time. Whether the skinny people want to admit it or not I know a few of their malnourished asses wouldn’t mind a nice burger while watching a live rap concert. Especially from the hands of the biggest boss in the mufuckin game Ricky Rozay. (Not to mention the prices of food at concerts are through the roof)

Happy National Hamburger Day, and a UNIT-sized thank you to Rick Ross for blessing the people with what they really want. Burgers. (Put cheese on mine please)