This Edit Of Douglas Lima KOing Michael "Venom" Page With Thor's Hammer Is Incredible

Well I suppose the floodgates of worthiness have opened following ‘Avengers: Endgame’, and Douglas Lima is the latest to wield Mjolnir!

I just showed this clip to Coley Mick, and he, in his beautiful Coley Mick voice, said: “Isn’t it great living in the future?”, and folks, the answer to that question is yes. I can’t believe shit like this is possible with special effects, and I’ve seen ‘Endgame’ itself! It just blows my mind that all of this kinda stuff is becoming more and more easily accessible to the world.

What’s tough about this edit though, is that Michael “Venom” Page, the fella knocked unconscious here, is a MASSIVE comic book fan/nerd. So there’s no doubt he’s seen this, and there’s no doubt it made the loss tougher to deal with for him, knowing it coulda been him with Mjolnir. Sorry, MVP.