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Patrick Peterson Has Been Suspended Six Games For PEDs And After Seeing His Comments On Deflategate That's A Shame

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Well this is just unfortunate. Hate when these receipts come back to bite you in the ass. To be totally honest, I don’t think about Patrick Peterson ever. I mean, how could I? He plays for the Arizona Cardinals. I know he’s very good, some have even called him one of the greatest of all time, but the only times I remember the Cardinals exist are when it’s the anniversary of the Dennis Green rant or when it’s the time of year when Larry Fitzgerald to the Patriots trade rumors swirl. Aside from that, the Cardinals are a nothing franchise that no one remembers. I don’t even intend that to be mean, it’s just factual. When you hear the word “Cardinals” you think baseball, then birds, then Jerry Maguire, then Pat Tillman, and his memory makes you remember they’re a football team.

Hell, I forgot that Patrick Peterson even did all this stuff. Insults from players on forgotten teams have long been lost in the fog of three Super Bowls since Deflategate was made up. But when I first saw the Peterson news my only thought was, “Who gives a shit?” and now my thoughts are, “Well that’s what you get for disrespecting the game. Well done, NFL. #PEDGate.”

All these years later and those who spoke out about the farce that was Deflategate continue to fall. I don’t even remember all of them there have been so many, but everyone who fought against truth and justice has suffered a similar, embarrassing fate. Franchises have fallen from the Colts to the Ravens. GMs have lost job, NFL front office people like Kensil have been shipped to Serbia or wherever the hell he is, reporters have lost all credibility, and players have been caught disrespecting the game. The only person who has stood tall, taller than everyone, and remains there is Tom Brady. As it should be.