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Lil Nas X Just Dropped The Music Video To 'Old Town Road' And It Is A God Damn Movie


Lil Nas X JUST DROPPED A GOD DAMN MOVIE ON US! This is the best music video that’s come out in I don’t know how long. The whole opening and ending skit and plot of the video is so insanely creative and funny. Not to mention cameos from CHRIS MOTHER FUCKING ROCK, Diplo, Haha Davis, Vince Staples and of course Billy Ray Cyrus co-starring with Lil Nas X. I miss the old days where music videos were such a big part of the culture of music. Lil Nas X might have just brought it back and raised the bar to whole other level. It’s not music videos anymore. We’re out here making feature films in this bitch. The visuals and aesthetics are absolutely off the charts. The entire package is an A+. This video is gonna hit 500 Million – 1 Billion views on Youtube mark my words. It’s a god damn work of art. I can definitely can see why it took so long. This thing was a massive production but it was worth every second and every penny.

Now that the music video has been released I can’t wait for Lil Nas X’s first project he has been dropping some teasers of songs that are crazy fire. Lil Nas X is here to fucking stay!