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The Ja Morant Dream For The Knicks Is Officially Dead Thanks To The Grizzlies Actually Being Smart

What the hell is this? Since when did the Grizzlies get smart and decide to do two smart things in a row? As a Knicks fan I sure don’t appreciate this. Last year it was drafting Jaren Jackson. Sure, that’s fine. Knicks had no shot at him.

But, the Grizzlies coming out and saying they are taking Ja Morant already. Come on, man. You have Mike Conley. He’s good! Just keep playing with him. Remember the good times with him. Remember how he was the most underrated player in the NBA for like a decade straight? Keep building around him. He’s not THAT old.

And yes, I’m well aware this was always going to be the case. It was highly unlikely that the Grizzlies would fuck up and take RJ Barrett even though they could use some wing help. I’m aware that Ja Morant is the second best player in the draft.

But, I thought perhaps things would go my way in the NBA for once. You know maybe a ping pong ball goes my way finally. But, nope. Just another kick in the dick this week thanks to the NBA.

And speaking of that. Yes, being in the top-3 is AWESOME, especially with the way the new lottery odds work. Again, there was a 60% chance of the Knicks falling out of the top-3 like the Suns and Cavs. This draft has been viewed mostly as a top-3 draft and then take a guess until the middle of the round and there are solid pieces there. It’s a weird draft for sure.

I hate how much fun Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson is going to be in fucking Memphis.