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Tennis Player Nick Kyrgios Goes Full Bobby Knight Tossing a Chair Onto The Court And Gets DQ'd

Yeah you can’t do that. Tennis bad boy Nick Krygios was up to his old tricks once again today in Rome. After getting broken to level the 3rd set at 1 apiece he went full Bobby Knight and threw his chair onto the court. Incredible. He was penalized a full game for that and then decided this wasn’t worth his time and just walked off the court. The guy gives less than zero fucks and it shows everyday. I can’t tell if he was mad at someone in the stands, a side judge, the chair umpire, or just flat out was tired in the sun and wanted to go do anything else but play tennis. It could very well be all of the above knowing him.

Shout out Bobby Knight

I had literally just live bet the other guy -132 to win the match too, but it has to go the distance so that’s a no-contest in my book. Goddammit.

P.S. This is just a day after Kyrgios dropped an interview we he basically ripped into everyone on the tour including Djokovic and Nadal. Love him or hate him, the guy makes tennis interesting.