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Nothing To See Here, Just The Ravens Starting Safety Matt Elam Selling Shoes At Finish Line

matt elam

The Sun Ravens safety Matt Elam will make $6.767 million over the course of his four-year rookie  contract. He doesn’t have to pay for the remaining 20 credits he needs to graduate from Florida. So, naturally, he seems to have gotten a job at the Gainesville, Fla., Finish  Line while he completes his anthropology degree. Elam told the Ravens’ team website that he was going back to school in part  because of his mother. “One reason I’m going back is my mom. I promised her I was going to go back,” Elam said. What’s less clear is why a multimillionaire needs an entry-level retail job  … unless you remember that Elam also saved more than $200,000 by not hiring an agent last summer. A 30 percent in-store discount doesn’t sound like much,  either, until you consider just how many pairs of $100 shoes an NFL player can  afford.

Ho hum. Just a world class athlete working a blue collar job in ghetto paradise to squeeze out a 30% discount on some Jordans. I can’t think of a job worse than working with people’s feet. Some people are feet guys. I’m certainly not but maybe Matt Elam is into that kinda thing? The confusing thing here is that he’s a starting NFL football player. He’s working with Florida feet. Some bottom of the barrel type shit. You’re working with the Tyrone Biggums’ of the world:

tyrone biggums


Come on bro, you’re better than that. I can deal with my football team missing the playoffs for the first time in 6 years. I’m trying my hardest to deal with my running back playing whack-a-mole on his Fiance’s face. But I absolutely cannot deal with my free safety slipping size 10’s onto the feet of those meth heads down in Florida. Too much to handle this offseason and it’s only February. Christ.
PS – What’s the more dangerous job- Florida shoe store on Jordan release day, or NFL player? If I had a choice, I’m picking NFL player 10/10 .