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Chaps Threw Out The First Pitch Tonight. Some Are Saying It Wasn't It A Strike. I'll Let History Decide That One

Why am I posting this? Well it’s certainly not to embarrass poor old Uncle Chaps. He’ll have to live with this atrocity for the rest of his life. That’s punishment enough. Instead it’s because I don’t want our enemies posting this footage before we do. Both domestic and abroad. We need to control the narrative here. It’s Michael Scott 101. Alert the media and you control the story. Wait for them to find out and the story controls you. That’s what happened to OJ. I wasn’t going to sit back and let Chaps good name get dragged through the mud. I mean he’s an American hero after all. So next time somebody tries to say Chaps throws like a girl or is a sissy just be sure to fire back with “how many Purple Hearts have you won buddy?” or “Sorry the dude got shot in the rotator cuff in Iraq”