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Danny Amendola Wants To Make Sure Olivia Culpo Knows He's Moved On

What do you do when your ridiculously hot ex-girlfriend is in Miami celebrating both her sexy serpent SI spread AND her birthday?

You go to Miami with a hot, young blonde and show the world you’ve moved on after your embarrassing display of Instagram caption diarrhea just a few weeks earlier.



Listen, I know when you’re going through a breakup you desperately want the other person to know you’re no longer hung up on them. That you don’t need them – you’re thriving all on your own. And I know nothing says, “Look at me! Look how happy I am!” more than being out and about with another hot person.

But come on, Danny! You just spoke at great length about Olivia Culpo and the “fucking crazy” sex you two had not even a month ago, and now you’re casually parading around Miami – a place you knew she was going to be – with a new girl?

Be more transparent.

Congrats, though – she’s definitely not ugly.