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Cains Pickles Stops Selling Midget Pickles After The Mother of A Midget Complains


Cranston – The Cranston mother of a child with dwarfism has compelled Cains to stop calling a variety of pickles it sells ‘midgets’ after a campaign that included a YouTube video and her blog. Chelly Martinka is the mom of a 10-month old little person and said she was “shocked, appalled and hurt” when she saw a jar of pickles labeled “Kosher Dill Midgets” at a local Stop and Shop. Her daughter, Adelaide Eileen Martinka was diagnosed with Achrondoplastia when she was nine-and-a-half weeks old. One in 40,000 births is of a child with dwarfism. “I know that as times change it is hard for a company to keep up,” Martinka said. “But for the equality of all children I hope you consider renaming this product for 2013.

What is today try to make Pres look like a mega asshole day? First I had to tangle with the woman whose husband died of cancer and now the mother of a dwarf. Listen it sucks this lady’s kid is a midget. I get that. Nobody wants to be a dwarf. But what are we even talking about here? How is the term midget offensive? Doesn’t it just mean short? That’s what I don’t get about this. People try to crucify words that aren’t mean. When somebody says somebody is a midget I don’t think anything about them besides them being small which they are. When I call Intern Ian a midget I’m not saying anything he doesn’t already know. There is no hidden connotation. He is 4 feet tall. He’s a midget. Calling a small pickle a midget pickle isn’t offensive in the least. It is what it is. This is just another case of the PC police running amok. Your kid is a midget. That’s just a fact of life.  Doesn’t mean anything about him other than he is short.  No different than saying it will get dark tonight.