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It Turns Out The Picture Of Jaime Lannister's Hand Magically Reappearing In Last Night's Game Of Thrones Episode Was #FakeNews


So this tweet hit the internet this morning and caused quite a commotion following last week’s long national nightmare known as #Starbuckscupgate (no not the one about Christmas. The one about it not being realistic to have a Starbucks cup in the show with dragons).

Anyway, the tweet got some play on social media and obviously added a few more proverbial logs to the fire of angry fan reactions to last night’s episode, which pretty much resembled this:


However with a twist right out of a vintage Game of Thrones episode, it turns out that image was #FakeNews as fuck.

Entertainment Weekly seems to be HBO’s unofficial promotional branch for all things Thrones, so I am going to blindly believe @JamesHibberd over the most likely very trustworthy @GameOfT57476878.

However, as an investigative reporter that holds Barstool Sports to the highest journalistic standards, I did my due diligence (rewatched the episode on HBO GO) and can indeed confirm that picture is NOT in the episode.



Is Game of Thrones back or is Game of Thrones back? Okay, I guess not having a hand that was severed like a half decade ago appear in what is the biggest episode in the show’s history isn’t quite The Red Wedding or Oberyn getting his head popped like a grape. But it’s a win nonetheless! I will take the photo editor for some promo pictures nobody cared about fucking up over the video editors catching their second massive L in as many weeks by not noticing that Jaime wasn’t wearing his golden hand during his last scene in the show. Again, it’s just baby steps. But anything that stops people from losing their marbles about a show we all loved once upon a time right before it leaves our TV screens forever is a W in my book, no matter how small or inconsequential it is. We have one more week with this show, so lets try to remember the good times and enjoy any cool shit that happens while also acknowledging it’s not the same show it was in the beginning or middle of the series.