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Enough Is Enough, Blow Up Tropicana Field

There is no worse sports arena in the world than Tropicana Field. It’s wild that the year is 2019 and we still have baseball games in this shit hole. There are catwalks everywhere, since this place was originally built for a circus. At any given moment a high fly pop that should be an easy out can hit a catwalk and fall in for a hit. Home runs can be called foul or in play depending on what catwalk the ball hits. And now today, the Trop loses power in the 9th inning of a 3-1 Yankees lead. Lights completely out. The game had to be stopped and as I type this, we’re in a delay. Michael Kay had to call into YES from his phone to give an update because nothing works. Sports should not be played in a place built for a circus. It’s everyone’s least favorite place to play and for good reason. The Rays are a really good baseball team and deserve better. I swear to god if we lose this game after this bullshit.

Blow this fucking place up. I’ve said countless times that the Rays should be in Montreal. It makes too much sense.