Anderson Silva Just Lost Via Leg Injury Again (This One Isn't Gross, Though)

So after Jared “The Killa Gorilla” Cannonier landed a couple of inside leg kicks on Anderson Silva in UFC 237’s co-main event, The Spider’s knee just completed gave out on him and the first was over. That’s sorta it – that’s the whole story. Tough to see a legend go down like that in his home country, obviously, and a forty-four year old legend at that, but at least it wasn’t as bad as his last leg injury in the octagon!

I won’t post that here because I have respect for you and your Saturday night, but you know what I’m talking about.

The Killa Gorilla owned the boos VERY well in his post-fight interview, and I’m telling you, this guy is a star waiting to happen. He’s got a GREAT personality. Couple more wins and he’ll be all anybody’s talking about.

Best wishes to Anderson, and congrats to Jared, I guess!