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Smitty Does The Andrew Farrell Home Run Derby

[kaltura-video id=1334]

So this is obviously from the Summer but we thought the footage was lost until recently, so here we are. Chicks dig the long ball. We only sent one towards South America, but that’s good enough to hold onto the glory days. Honesty, the bats these kids use today made with space-age technology DEADLY. If I was swinging with one of these NASA sticks in HS instead of my toothpick Omaha 3000 we might have had a long, unsuccessful career in the minor leagues or D-II school. Such is life. Guess we’re just going to have to hold onto that 390ft bomb to left center until next year.

In all seriousness, The Andrew Farrell Home Run Derby is a great event for a better cause. Check it all out here. If you have any questions or interest in taking some hacks next year contact Andrew Porter on Twitter. Help keep this amazing tradition at George Washington High School in NE Philly going.

PS – Mash City swing ON POINT. That ping…you know that feeling. Pure bliss:

Final hack, not so much.